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Who we are

Codebusters is a top-notch agile product team, which means that we do the whole process of product development starting from napkin sketches and we do not finish with deploying onto the production servers. We go on with the market launch, collect data, analyze, improve. Iterate. We love long-term partnerships with 3-5 year commitments.

Our team is cross-functionally balanced which is one of our advantages, we gathered the best talent possible in terms of development (backend, frontend, iOS, Android, DevOps, Big Data, etc.), advanced analytics, UI/UX design, product/project management , digital marketing strategy, etc. - basically everything needed for developing a digital product.

Apart from that, every "codebuster" shares certain common team trates & principles. We deliver value by shipping great products that are actually useful.

Murat Alikhanov


Asqar Akshabayev


Temirulan Mussayev

Backend Teamlead

Meir Adilzhanov



When we’re deep in a project sprint, it’s critical that we strike a balance between efficient creative production and maintaining a close relationship with our customers. To accomplish this, we use the top tools in the industry to facilitate vital operations like framing projects and hitting deadlines, allowing the client to comment on our work as it progresses and organizing conference calls, to name a few.


College Gate,
Townsend Str. Dublin 2
Tel: +353 87 363 7948 38


Almaty region,
Naimanbayev Str. 36
Tel: +7 778 513 5010

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